TresMonet was built from a dream to transform the skincare industry and create a new quality standard for beauty & wellness products. Co-founders Dennis Dannel and Dr. PJ LaRive shared a passion for innovation and excellence, which led them to discover a breakthrough formula that would surpass all expectations.

That moment came when Dr. LaRive sustained a third-degree burn on his hand. He turned to the power of stem cells and plant proteins, an unlikely pairing, to treat his injury. To his surprise, the wound healed in just five days, with no residual scarring. The results were astounding, and TresMonet was born.

Today, it is our greatest pleasure to offer this revolutionary skincare line to you. By harnessing the power of nature and advanced nanotechnology, TresMonet delivers truly transformative results. We invite you to experience the difference of TresMonet and discover the science of beautiful, healthy skin.