Ultimate Rejuvenating Regimen

Indulge yourself with our Ultimate Rejuvenating Regimen. This set contains every TresMonet product. We call it the “ultimate” system because it covers every facet of your skincare needs—from cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin, to rejuvenating skin to minimize the look of fine lines & wrinkles, to treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation. When you see the remarkable anti-aging results, we’re confident TresMonet will become your new skincare obsession.

• 100% Organic & Natural Ingredients

• Combines Plant Proteins + Stem Cells

• No Additives; Non-GMO

• Moringa Extract

• Gentle Formula

• Reduces Inflammation

• Instantly Moisturizes Skin

• Renews & Refreshes Skin

• Boosts Collagen Production

• Reduces Look of Dark Spots

• Reduces Look of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

• Suitable for All Skin Types

• Remarkable 5 - 7 Day Results


Following this easy daily regimen, for unparalleled anti-aging results:

1. Our Balancing Cleanser is an essential part of the TresMonet Facial System because it is pH balanced, and stem cells are destroyed in an acidic environment. Apply a dime-sized amount of our TresMonet Balancing Cleanser to face and décolletage area. Avoid eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Suits all skin types.

2. After washing face with TresMonet Balancing Cleanser, apply TresMonet Hydrating Toner, using a cotton pad in a sweeping motion over entire face and neck area. Allow skin to dry thoroughly before applying additional TresMonet Skincare products.

3. Gently massage TresMonet Anti-Aging Serum into skin, 2 - 3 drops should cover entire face. Full treatment consists of 5 - 7 consecutive days of application. Can be used once or twice daily.

4. After washing your face with TresMonet Rejuvenating Balancing Cleanser, apply TresMonet Essential Moisturizer liberally to entire face and décolletage.

5. Using ring finger, dab a small amount of TresMonet Under Eye Cream onto under-eye area. Use once or twice a week. Avoid contact with eyes.

6. Use our R+ Complex with Retinol before bed, after cleansing and toning skin. Apply a pea-sized amount to face in an upward motion. Use no more than two times per week. Use SPF protection during the day.

7. After cleansing skin, apply our Lightening Cream two to four times a day to face and décolletage. For optimal results, use with a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day.

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