The Secret to Timeless Beauty: Collagen for Your Skin

When it comes to anti-aging skincare, collagen plays a major role in the fight against Father Time. No doubt, this ingredient has become a superstar in the beauty world. You’ve probably noticed the skyrocketing popularity of collagen as it shows up in more and more dietary supplements—oral capsules, drink powders, and creams. So, as collagen is having this big moment in beauty, you might be wondering, “Is it worth the hype?” Well, the short answer is, yes! 

Collagen lies at the foundation of youthful, healthy-looking skin. It provides strength, structure, and suppleness, giving skin its youthful appearance. Our bodies, however, produce less collagen as we age. That means skin loses elasticity that as we age, allowing fine lines & wrinkles start to form. Collagen production starts to decline as early as our mid-20s, with a noticeable decline in our 30s and 40s. While the rate of this decline depends on factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposure, on average, after the age of 20, we lose about 1% of collagen per year. 

While those facts might sound a bit daunting, we are in this together, and we’re here for you! At TresMonet, we want to provide you with the most powerful beauty tools to help your outer beauty match your inner beauty. Our formulators have dedicated decades of research to creating the world’s most advanced products in skincare. Let us share our proven research with you. 

TresMonet Skincare products can help you prevent collagen loss and keep your skin looking youthful. We’re proud to offer a luxury skincare line that is the first to successfully combine the power of stem cells (snail stem cells) with plant proteins (Moringa extract). This unlikely, yet powerful duo, delivers unparalleled skin-health and anti-aging benefits. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Snail stem cells are rich in antioxidants and nutrients, including hyaluronic acid, which helps hydrate the skin and stimulate collagen production. 
  2. Moringa plant proteins are rich in antioxidants and nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and E including zinc, manganese, copper peptides, and glycolic acid, all of which have skin-loving benefits and are essential for collagen production. 

Together, these two amazing ingredients significantly boost collagen production and minimizes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. The snail stem cells go straight to work to stimulate your skin’s cell growth, and you’ll start to see that your complexion is smoother with a healthy glow—in just 5 days. After using the TresMonet line consistently, you’ll notice your skin is much more hydrated, soft, and supple. 

Check out our line age-defying slincare products. We can’t wait to help you on your journey towards better skin! 

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