About Us

TresMonet is revolutionizing the skincare industry with a proprietary combination of science and nature. Our breakthrough molecular technology uses the latest advancements in stem cells, plant proteins, and all-natural ingredients to deliver the skincare industry’s best anti-aging results. Formulated with 100% organic ingredients, free of fillers and parabens, our products set a new standard of excellence in the skincare industry.

TresMonet’s founders bring their expertise from diverse backgrounds.

Dennis Dannel

Our CEO, Dennis Dannel, JD, brings his artistic eye and attention to detail to every facet of TresMonet. As a corporate contracts & marketing specialist, he protects Company interests, weaves the TresMonet story, and deftly directs every marketing detail— a graduate of Tulane Law School, Mr. Dannel is also a consummate creative force: he is a New York Times-reviewed actor/producer, and his drawings & paintings have been museum-exhibited.

PJ LaRive

PJ LaRive, Ph.D., brings a wealth of experience to our organization as President/Science Director, having spent over 17 years at NASA, where he focused on sophisticated nanotechnology and microbiology research pertinent to nutrient delivery systems, jet propulsion, and plant science. Most notably, he studied how astronauts were provided with nutrition in zero gravity while simultaneously inventing the radiant barrier that shielded the Space Shuttle from radiation & heat exposure. Additionally, Dr. LaRive's mechanical engineering background includes the design & buildout of L'Oréal's initial bottling facility outside of Paris, a biofuel refinery in Op, Alabama, and three Coca-Cola production sites across the US.

Together, our Founders are dedicated to creating innovative skincare products that provide industry-leading anti-aging results.

The name TresMonet is a nod to our Founders' French heritage and love for Fine Art. "Tres," the French word for "very,” pays homage to their hometown of New Orleans and their Creole and Cajun roots, which date back to the late 1600s. Meanwhile, “Monet” is a tribute to Mr. Dannel’s favorite artist and his mother’s maiden name. Their goal is to develop TresMonet into a globally recognized brand whose products are known for their unparalleled efficacy.